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                   LED Packaging
                               --->Utilized self-invented patented eutectic method to produce highly reliable HBLED
                               --->Effectively eliminate the thermal resistance and enhance the heat sinking of LED in order to improve the efficacy and lifetime of lamps
                               --->Thermal Resistance of LED below 8K/W
                               --->Efficacy reaches 100lm/W above. Effective lifetime greater than 50000 hours.

                               --->Used as the light source of Energy Saving LED Lamps


                    Energy Saving LED Lighting System
                              --->Adopt reliable HBLED as the lighting sources, achieve more than 90% energy saving
                              --->Utilize patented thermal transferring technology to ensure the surface temperature of lamp fixture below 65°C, and LED junction  temperature below 80°C, in order to maintain the long lifetime and high effectiveness of energy saving.
                              --->Emerge with NTG’s self-invented intelligent dimming and energy saving system to improve the effectiveness of energy saving
                              --->Use optics technology to improve the uniformity of light distribution

                               --->Indoor Lighting
                               --->Household Lighting
                               --->Office Lighting
                               --->Hotel Lighting
                               --->Commercial Lighting
                               --->Outdoor Lighting
                               --->Street lighting
                               --->Advertising Board Lighting

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