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          Waste-to- Energy Solution
                   --- >Generate heat or electricity by Eco-friendly waste incineration process
                   --- >Effectively decrease the volume of waste to landfills
                   --- >Utilized patented emission elimination process to eliminate toxic substances and carbon dioxide emitted to the atmosphere
                   --- >Many kinds of waste material can be supported and are safe for incineration
                   --- >Capable to operate for 8000hrs above annually
                   --- >No noise, water or air pollution
                   -- ->Supplies heat and electricity to the surrounding communities

                   --- >Eliminate air pollution by adding renewable energy sources and eliminating sulfur composition inside the diesel
                   --- >Decrease the corrosion of engine component caused by acidic substance generated by sulfur composition
                   --- >Achieve complete combustion; eliminate the needs of diesel and emission
                   --- >Create construction material by recycling the construction waste, thus solve the construction waste problem
                   --- >Utilize patented technology to filter out toxic substance from construction waste in order to create eco-friendly toxic free construction material
                   --- >Employ patented coating material to absorb the toxic substances in the air, thus eliminate air pollution

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